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Bloggus Interruptus ends here … yes, like so many of us, I have started and neglected several blogs up to this point. But this one is going to be different.

This blog has a reason and a focus, which is to share some of the insights and lessons I have picked up over 20 something years in PR, online marketing and most recently, SEO.

My career has been varied within the wider framework of supporting small to medium sized businesses with their marketing and communications; running my own small retail business (every woman should own a shop even if for just a short while, just to get it out of your system); consulting about business basics; tutoring in PR skills; event management; sales; exhibition hire and display creation; real estate … and that’s just the paid side of things.

Outside of work hours, I am a serial initiator of groups, usually of women, usually for support and sharing; moderator of online forums; teacher of raw food classes for beginners; internet junkie; networker; would-be artist; writer and mother of two teenage boys.

This world is a multi-faceted, everchanging, exciting and challenging place to be hanging out, and I appreciate the opportunity to wake up and participate in it every day.

I look forward to sharing with anyone who cares to read, and communicating back with anyone who chooses to comment.


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